Cebu’s shell exporters oppose export ban proposal – Sun.Star

Source: Sun.Star June 5, 2011

CEBU CITY – Exporters of shells and shell crafts in Cebu have banded to fight the recommendation of Sen. Miguel Zubiri to ban the export of shells and shell craft products in the country, because it will result in closure of several export firms and loss of jobs for thousands of people.

Joy Sharpe of the Shell and Shellcraft Industry of Cebu said that Fred Escalona, the executive director of Phil-Export, is helping them organize a special committee to document how the shell and shell craft sector contribute to the Philippine economy in terms of export sales, employment and taxes.

Sharpe said the export sector will be badly affected if Zubiri succeeds in stopping the export of shells and shell craft products.

Zubiri made the suggestion as an offshoot to the seizure by the Bureau of Customs of the endangered black sea fan corals and the filing of charges against the owner based in Zamboanga City. Several exporters said Zubiri is just riding on the issue and grandstanding.

BOC Port of Cebu District Collector Ronnie Silvestre has issued a warrant of seizure and detention (WSD) against one 20-foot container van of black sea corals worth P15 million. The items are now under seizure and forfeiture proceedings by Customs Hearing Officer Edward James Dy Buco.

Sharpe said Phil-Export believes the shell and shell craft industry must not be dragged into the issue of the confiscation of black sea fan corals because the sector is making business out of the shells whose contents are consumed by Filipinos.

She said before the export of shells and shell craft products started, people living in islands and islets just threw them away after eating the contents.

With the shells and shell craft products export, the people don’t only enjoy the food, they also earn money from the shells.

Shell craft products exporter Antonio Chua said Zubiri’s recommendation is like burning a house to get rid of a rat. (EOB of Sun.Star Cebu)

Source: Sun.Star June 5, 2011